A vision for a clean, livable, and equitable Portland.

Everyone has a Right to the City

  • Mandate a living wage of $15 per hour. Worker productivity has steadily increased for the last 40 years while wages have stagnated. It’s completely unfair and it’s bad economics.
  • Ensure housing justice. We need rent controls and anti-gentrification policies. We must give communities a great say in what developments they want in their neighborhoods while also working to reform the Portland Development Commission.
  • Stop criminalizing homelessness. Fund services for the disabled, veterans, seniors, and families in crisis.
  • Support public education. Give teachers autonomy to teach, end corporate “reforms”, and fund after school programs.
  • Support local labor struggles, both organized and unorganized.
  • Support LGBTQIA struggles.

Environmental Justice

  • Take action on climate change. Portland needs to fulfill its obligations detailed in the Climate Action Plan, and go even further.
  • “Sustainable Development”, “density development”, and other green infrastructure efforts must be coupled with anti-gentrification policies or they will unjustly displace lower earning workers.
  • Pass laws to prevent the transport and storage of all forms of fossil fuels slated for mass export, starting with coal. Non-binding ordinances are not enough.
  • Protect residents from local pollution by penalizing corporate polluters. Portland has high levels of air pollution, high rates of respiratory illness, high rates of cancer from air toxins, and tens of thousands of toxic sites within city limits. Historically, marginalized communities are most effected.
  • Place Portland’s water in a Public Trust to protect this vital natural resource for present and future generations.

Fight Police Brutality and Misconduct

  • Create an independent civilian review board with the power to investigate, subpoena, and discipline officers – including dismissal for misconduct.
  • Prevent stop-and-frisk type policies from being introduced in Portland.

Campaign Promises

  • Limit cash campaign contributions to $50. Money has many negative effects on our political system and creates obvious conflicts of interest. Due to this, I’ve chosen to accept only small donations.
  • If elected, I will accept only the average salary of a Portland worker while donating the remainder towards developing social movements.

right to the city